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The Board of Directors of the Foundation oversees its operations and approves all grants without compensation.
I created the Weil Foundation as a long-term funding mechanism for the advancement of integrative medicine through training, research, the education of the public, and policy reform. I believe the day is coming when all doctors will be routinely trained in integrative medicine. Donors who contribute to the Foundation through this website – plus the tens of thousands of health-wise consumers who buy Weil endorsed products – are partners with me in bringing that day closer.
Andrew Weil, M.D.

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our operating principles

In its operations, the Weil Foundation seeks to express the values underlying integrative medicine and the best practices of philanthropy. The Foundation will:

  1. Cooperate with other organizations in order to achieve the greatest impact
  2. Treat all grant-seekers the same and with respect
  3. Provide clear and timely information to the public about the Foundation’s policies, practices, decisions, and finances
  4. Be open to new ideas, critiques & suggestions, while also protecting itself from inappropriate influence
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